Tuesday, 25 July 2017

exciting times for this here organ grinder!

first off, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. it's also been about five years since this show began airing on cjsr, so don't think that's going to go uncelebrated, whether that's a word or not. tune in on wednesday, july 26 at 1 pm for a one hour anniversary special cavalcade presented by edmontone studio featuring guest mc dickie denver (former quarterback for the san quentin pelicans and host of who wants some cheese), celebrity guests including the late jimmy stewart, our magnificent house organist edith letourneau, resident pop culture expert gene onioncakes with a look at the worst of the organ grinder and much, much more!

as well, i'm getting married on friday, so please catch my new bride caitlin richards (of imaginary landscapes) and me broadcasting live from our honeymoon on august 2. since this will obviously be a terrible and intrusive experience, al burant of the erotic dancer's guide to fine music has been kind enough to cover my show back in edmonton on august 9. caitlin and i will once again broadcast live from flight 565 back to edmonton on august 16.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

one playlist for each dead allman!

may 31 playlist:

groove holmes - one mint julep (night glider)
james brown - peewee's groove in d (plays the real thing)
john patton - minor swing (minor swing)
teo macero - love, match point (teo)
ellen arkbro - mountain of air (for organ and brass)
irwin kostal et al - processional and maria (the wedding) (the sound of music ost)
buddy cole - powerhouse (power house)
gloria lynne - i can't give you anything but love (miss gloria lynne)
the allman brothers band - les brers in a minor (eat a peach)
? and the mysterians - don't tease me (best of)
chicano batman - right off the back (freedom is free)
peppino de luca & i marc 4 - situazione drammatica (l'uomo dagli occhi di ghiaccio)
junior wells - one day (every goodbye ain't gone) (messin' with the kid, 1957 - 1963)

june 7 playlist:

the box tops - midnight angel (dimensions)
jackie davis - just my luck (most happy hammond)
ella fitzgerald - since i fell for you (lady time)
can - bring me coffee or tea (tago mago)
jack bruce - morning story (harmony row)
clifford jordan - retribution (soul fountain)
albert king - breaking up somebody's home (the stax story)
the electric prunes - general confessional (release of an oath)
money mark - scenes from... (mark's keyboard repair)
hans fagius - fugue in g minor, k.v. 401 (mozart on the organ)
robert duksch - theo mackeben medley (the mighty wurlitzer)
michael naura - endlich ruhe (ochsenzoll)
les brers

Saturday, 27 May 2017

may 10 playlist:

the professionals - theme from the godfather (cult cargo: belize city boil up)
john patton - captain nasty (accent on the blues)
otis clay - too many hands (trying to live my life without you)
amina claudine myers - have mercy upon us (song for mother e)
roy ayers - escape (coffy)
hawkwind - the wizard blew his horn (warrior on the edge of time)
tangerine dream - journey through a burning brain (electronic meditation)
os mutantes - haleluia (a divina comedia ou ando meio desligado)
the amazing blondel - the ploughman (evensong)
michael & the messengers - romeo & juliet (nuggets: original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)

may 17 playlist:

george benson - my three sons (the new boss guitar of george benson)
the hawks (the band) - robbie's blues (early years)
arijata - i walk alone (this is marijata)
hans fagius - adagio and rondo in c minor, k.v. 617: ii. rondo (mozart on the organ)
folkways - no artist (composed by oscar straus) - the march of the bulgarians (music of the carousel)
jazz gillum - the race of the jim lee and the katy adam (blues by jazz gillum singing and playing his harmonica: with arbee stidham and memphis slim)
jimmy mcgriff - the comeback (cherry)
margo guryan - the 8:17 northbound success merry go round (29 demos)
amon duul ii - yeti talks to yogi (yeti)
the forbidden five - enchanted farm (ultra-lounge vol. 11 - organs in orbit)
james luther dickinson - the judgement (dixie fried)
edison mixed quartet - god be with you till we meet again (take 2) (ucsb cylinder audio archive (online resource))

may 24 playlist:

jr and his soulettes - thing, do the creep (psychodelic sounds)
archie shepp - abstract (for losers)
bob dylan - if not for you (new morning)
fairport convention - percy's song (unhalfbricking)
brenda lee - dum dum (single)
circus clown calliope! - the stripper (circus clown calliope!)
tom waits - calliope (blood money)
fats waller - rusty pail (1926-27)
korla pandit - misirlou (odyssey)
amina claudine myers - the immortal (song for mother e)
ryuichi sakamoto - garden (async)
john zorn - the revelation of st. john (the hermetic organ vol. 3)

Saturday, 6 May 2017

my show on may 3 consisted of a handful of minimalist organ pieces as well as the haikus they inspired me to write. although inspired may be too strong a word. said musical pieces and haikus are below:

terry riley - desert of ice (shri camel)

a desert of ice
bleak, beautiful, dry and cold
riley gives me chills

philip glass - etoile polaire - ange des orages (analog)

shards of glass, half-full
of kaleidoscopic storms
carnival in space
meredith monk - turtle dreams (waltz) (turtle dreams)

four organists play
so slow, forget it's a waltz
count voices in threes

steve reich with michael tilson-thomas, ralph grierson & roger kellaway (plus tom raney on maracas) - reich: four organs (stravinsky, cage & reich)

maracas insist
keyboardists stagger their stabs
my organs awash

philip jeck - stops (spire: organ works past, present & future)

crusted abrasions
do they really come from pipes?
soon, the organ stops

april 26 playlist:

jean knight - carry on (single)
link wray & the raymen - cross ties (early recordings (on chiswick rec.))
dick hyman - a man alone (the man from o.r.g.a.n.)
charles and harold smart - flirtation waltz (single)
ake olofsson and karin strid - ole bull: saterjantans sondag (the herdmaiden's sunday) (cello & orgel)
rachel laurin - fantasia for organ and harp (music by rachel laurin)
alan stivell - oidhche mhaith (chemins de terre)
parliament - the silent boatman (osmium)
james chance - white savages (irresistible impulse)
milt buckner - one o'clock jump (rockin' hammond)
allen ginsberg - the little fish devours the big fish (holy soul jelly roll vol. 4: ashes & blues)
john doe - get on board (the westerner)
jimmy mcgriff - hit the road jack (cherry)

april 19 (hosted and programmed by caitlin richards) playlist. the imaginary organ, a special program hosted by caitlin of cjsr's imaginary landscapes, also aired in a slightly different form (same music and chat, though) during her usual timeslot of tuesday night at 8 on april 18:

teho teardo & blixa bargeld - still smiling (still smiling)
aine o'dwyer - hymnals of love against the grain (music for church cleaners vol. ii)
leonard cohen - if i didn't have your love (you want it darker)
men playing harmonium and drums and women in the play - song of rejoicing (songs and dances of nepal)
lusine sargsyan - komitas: hreshtakayin (music of armenia)
grant green - motherless child (iron city)
alice coltrane - my favorite things (world galaxy)
vulkana stoyanova - dimitur kara gemiya (the voice of thrace)
kate bush - don't push your foot on the heartbrake (lionheart)
alan stivell - tha mi sgith (a l'olympia)
pj harvey - rebecca (the wind)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

april 12 playlist (organic landscapes with guest co-host caitlin richards from imaginary landscapes.) a passover crossover programme!:

fats waller - go down moses (the amazing mr. waller, vol. 1)
john zorn - spectral angels (the hermetic organ, vol. 3)
meredith monk - do you be? (key)
cantor joseph (yosele) kanefsky - passover service (ovesnu malcanu galee) (cantorials)
laurie anderson - plague (plague songs)
brian eno with robert wyatt - flies (plague songs)
bob dylan - day of the locusts (new morning)
annbjorg lien - den bortkomne sauen (felefeber)
can - outside my door (monster movie)
jackie mittoo - in cold blood (champion in the arena 1976-1977)
the artwoods - a taste of honey (hammond heroes: 60s r&b organ grooves)
yves rechsteiner with monique simon - mendelssohn: jerusalem, die du totest den propheten arr. liszt (liszt: orgelwerke)
this show also aired on caitlin's timeslot on april 11 at 8 pm in a slightly different form.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

march 29 playlist (earth, fire, water, air, æther and organs):

the crazy world of arthur brown - fanfare - fire poem (the crazy world of arthur brown)
the soft machine - fire engine passing with bells clanging (volume two)
brother john sellers - wade in the water (baptist shouts and gospel songs)
sea organ (morske orgulje) - sea organ music (the oddmusic gallery (oddmusic.com))
reginald foort - handel: water music: aire (the organ in symphony hall)
tim hecker - in the air i (ravedeath, 1972)
terry riley - a rainbow in curved air (a rainbow in curved air)
fats waller - stompin' the bug (1926-27)
monte maxwell - greensleeves (midnight in the caverns: luray caverns in virginia's shenandoah valley (the great stalacpipe organ))
annbjorg lien - tjonneblomen (felefeber)
the music machine - mother nature, father earth (ignition)
offenbach - ether (tabarnac)
aphrodite's child - end of the world (end of the world)

april 5 playlist:
betty davis - if i'm in luck i might get picked up (betty davis)
the artwoods - our man flint (jazz in jeans)
chicano batman - friendship (is a small boat in a storm) (freedom is free)
the pazant brothers - the chicken scratch (the brothers funk)
saltland - to allow us all to breathe (a common truth)
organisation - tone float (tone float)
rick moranis - hockey (you, me, the music and me)
ian & sylvia - when i was a cowboy (play one more)
peter case - put down the gun (the man with the blue post modern fragmented neo-traditionalist guitar)
pleasure (featuring billy elder) - poor old organ grinder (where the action is! los angeles nuggets: 1965-1968)

Friday, 24 March 2017

march 15 (the ides of march) playlist:

johnny jenkins - bad news (ton-ton macoute!)
the catamounts - capriccio (st. nuomatac)
pere ubu - the duke's saharan ambitions (pennsylvania)
ian matthews - a castle far (matthews' southern comfort)
the ides of march - vehicle (vehicle)
nico - julius caesar (memento hodie) (the marble index)
petr eben - pisen ruth (czech sacred music)
peer raben - satansbraten: suite (music for fassbinder, vol. 1)
baby face willette - goin' down (face to face)
percy mayfield - california blues (weakness is a thing called man)
jacula - u.f.d.e.m. (tardo pede in magiam versus)

march 22 playlist (with guest co-host doug organ):

sun ra and his solar arkestra - third planet (horizon)
larry young - beyond all limits (in paris (the ortf recordings))
doug organ trio - light my fire (rehearsal tape)
esquivel! - latin-esque (space-age bachelor pad music)
doug organ trio - infernal galop (rehearsal tape)
jimmy mcgriff - plain brown bag (groove grease)
the winstons - amen, brother (color him father)
pat kelly - a whiter shade of pale (one in a million)
jimmy mcgriff - keep loose (the worm)
the incredible bongo band - in-a-gadda-da-vida (bongo rock)